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BR Registers

These are the microcontroller registers that control the functionality or how the processor operates. There are two families of processor registers in the library, the MX1 family for IC's that are designated PIC32MX150.... etc. and the MX3 family for IC's that are designated PIC32MX340... etc.

In addition to this there are two options. The reason is that for every register there is three conditions, SET,CLR and INV the conditions are given by an offset address to the main register. Using the offset and a base register address considerably reduces the space needed.


  • BRegisters_short: Because currently the SET,CLR and INV registers are always the same, there is no need to have a separate constant for these which makes the number of constants much smaller. This is important for the MX1 devices where there is not as much memory but not so important for the MX3 devices.
  • MX1_Short
  • MX3_Short