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Set up UART1 on the BV500

The UART consists of an output TX and an input RX and there is a choice of pins can that they can be mapped to. The table is in rookie, for TX the peripheral is called U1TX$ and this can be mapped to RA0, RB3, RB4, RB15 and RB7.

The input TX pin is U1RX (no $) and this can be mapped to RA2, RA4, RB2, RB6 and RB13.

The following example will set up UART1 on RA0 and RA2. If you joint RA0 and RA2 together the check() function will print out "fred"

// *****************************************************************************
// Set up UART1 TX = RA0 and RX = RA2
// *****************************************************************************
function set_uart1(baud)
    comopen(1,baud,80) // still need to open com port
    pps_in(?U1RX, ?PRA2) // set rx
    pps_out(?PRA0, ?U1TX$)

function check()
    wait(1) // time needed for buffer to fill
    while comkey?(1) <> 0
        print chr$(comkey(1))