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MX1 Full

These are the register addresses for the MX1, each of the SET,CLR and INV are given as a separate address. The green URL is the address of the file where they are contained so this can be included into the program or use the 'expand source' to pick out the registers relevant to your use.

Updated Feb 2014 to include port C, part of the PIC32MX150F128D type processor

ADC Registers


// MX1 registers ADC
constant AD1CON1         0xBF809000
constant AD1CON1CLR      0xBF809004
constant AD1CON1SET      0xBF809008
constant AD1CON1INV      0xBF80900C
constant AD1CON2         0xBF809010
constant AD1CON2CLR      0xBF809014
constant AD1CON2SET      0xBF809018
constant AD1CON2INV      0xBF80901C
constant AD1CON3         0xBF809020
constant AD1CON3CLR      0xBF809024
constant AD1CON3SET      0xBF809028
constant AD1CON3INV      0xBF80902C
constant AD1CHS          0xBF809040
constant AD1CHSCLR       0xBF809044
constant AD1CHSSET       0xBF809048
constant AD1CHSINV       0xBF80904C
constant AD1CSSL         0xBF809050
constant AD1CSSLCLR      0xBF809054
constant AD1CSSLSET      0xBF809058
constant AD1CSSLINV      0xBF80905C
constant ADC1BUF0        0xBF809070
constant ADC1BUF1        0xBF809080
constant ADC1BUF2        0xBF809090
constant ADC1BUF3        0xBF8090A0
constant ADC1BUF4        0xBF8090B0
constant ADC1BUF5        0xBF8090C0
constant ADC1BUF6        0xBF8090D0
constant ADC1BUF7        0xBF8090E0
constant ADC1BUF8        0xBF8090F0
constant ADC1BUF9        0xBF809100
constant ADC1BUFA        0xBF809110
constant ADC1BUFB        0xBF809120
constant ADC1BUFC        0xBF809130
constant ADC1BUFD        0xBF809140
constant ADC1BUFE        0xBF809150
constant ADC1BUFF        0xBF809160

Bus Matrix


// MX1 register - bus matrix
constant BMXCON          0xBF882000
constant BMXCONCLR       0xBF882004
constant BMXCONSET       0xBF882008
constant BMXCONINV       0xBF88200C
constant BMXDKPBA        0xBF882010
constant BMXDKPBACLR     0xBF882014
constant BMXDKPBASET     0xBF882018
constant BMXDKPBAINV     0xBF88201C
constant BMXDUDBA        0xBF882020
constant BMXDUDBACLR     0xBF882024
constant BMXDUDBASET     0xBF882028
constant BMXDUDBAINV     0xBF88202C
constant BMXDUPBA        0xBF882030
constant BMXDUPBACLR     0xBF882034
constant BMXDUPBASET     0xBF882038
constant BMXDUPBAINV     0xBF88203C
constant BMXDRMSZ        0xBF882040
constant BMXPUPBA        0xBF882050
constant BMXPUPBACLR     0xBF882054
constant BMXPUPBASET     0xBF882058
constant BMXPUPBAINV     0xBF88205C
constant BMXPFMSZ        0xBF882060
constant BMXBOOTSZ       0xBF882070



// MX1 registers Comparator
constant CVRCON          0xBF809800
constant CVRCONCLR       0xBF809804
constant CVRCONSET       0xBF809808
constant CVRCONINV       0xBF80980C
constant CM1CON          0xBF80A000
constant CM1CONCLR       0xBF80A004
constant CM1CONSET       0xBF80A008
constant CM1CONINV       0xBF80A00C
constant CM2CON          0xBF80A010
constant CM2CONCLR       0xBF80A014
constant CM2CONSET       0xBF80A018
constant CM2CONINV       0xBF80A01C
constant CM3CON          0xBF80A020
constant CM3CONCLR       0xBF80A024
constant CM3CONSET       0xBF80A028
constant CM3CONINV       0xBF80A02C
constant CMSTAT          0xBF80A060
constant CMSTATCLR       0xBF80A064
constant CMSTATSET       0xBF80A068
constant CMSTATINV       0xBF80A06C
constant CTMUCON         0xBF80A200
constant CTMUCONCLR      0xBF80A204
constant CTMUCONSET      0xBF80A208
constant CTMUCONINV      0xBF80A20C



// MX1 registers DMA - all 3 channels
constant DMACON          0xBF883000
constant DMACONCLR       0xBF883004
constant DMACONSET       0xBF883008
constant DMACONINV       0xBF88300C
constant DMASTAT         0xBF883010
constant DMASTATCLR      0xBF883014
constant DMASTATSET      0xBF883018
constant DMASTATINV      0xBF88301C
constant DMAADDR         0xBF883020
constant DMAADDRCLR      0xBF883024
constant DMAADDRSET      0xBF883028
constant DMAADDRINV      0xBF88302C
constant DCRCCON         0xBF883030
constant DCRCCONCLR      0xBF883034
constant DCRCCONSET      0xBF883038
constant DCRCCONINV      0xBF88303C
constant DCRCDATA        0xBF883040
constant DCRCDATACLR     0xBF883044
constant DCRCDATASET     0xBF883048
constant DCRCDATAINV     0xBF88304C
constant DCRCXOR         0xBF883050
constant DCRCXORCLR      0xBF883054
constant DCRCXORSET      0xBF883058
constant DCRCXORINV      0xBF88305C
constant DCH0CON         0xBF883060
constant DCH0CONCLR      0xBF883064
constant DCH0CONSET      0xBF883068
constant DCH0CONINV      0xBF88306C
constant DCH0ECON        0xBF883070
constant DCH0ECONCLR     0xBF883074
constant DCH0ECONSET     0xBF883078
constant DCH0ECONINV     0xBF88307C
constant DCH0INT         0xBF883080
constant DCH0INTCLR      0xBF883084
constant DCH0INTSET      0xBF883088
constant DCH0INTINV      0xBF88308C
constant DCH0SSA         0xBF883090
constant DCH0SSACLR      0xBF883094
constant DCH0SSASET      0xBF883098
constant DCH0SSAINV      0xBF88309C
constant DCH0DSA         0xBF8830A0
constant DCH0DSACLR      0xBF8830A4
constant DCH0DSASET      0xBF8830A8
constant DCH0DSAINV      0xBF8830AC
constant DCH0SSIZ        0xBF8830B0
constant DCH0SSIZCLR     0xBF8830B4
constant DCH0SSIZSET     0xBF8830B8
constant DCH0SSIZINV     0xBF8830BC
constant DCH0DSIZ        0xBF8830C0
constant DCH0DSIZCLR     0xBF8830C4
constant DCH0DSIZSET     0xBF8830C8
constant DCH0DSIZINV     0xBF8830CC
constant DCH0SPTR        0xBF8830D0
constant DCH0SPTRCLR     0xBF8830D4
constant DCH0SPTRSET     0xBF8830D8
constant DCH0SPTRINV     0xBF8830DC
constant DCH0DPTR        0xBF8830E0
constant DCH0DPTRCLR     0xBF8830E4
constant DCH0DPTRSET     0xBF8830E8
constant DCH0DPTRINV     0xBF8830EC
constant DCH0CSIZ        0xBF8830F0
constant DCH0CSIZCLR     0xBF8830F4
constant DCH0CSIZSET     0xBF8830F8
constant DCH0CSIZINV     0xBF8830FC
constant DCH0CPTR        0xBF883100
constant DCH0CPTRCLR     0xBF883104
constant DCH0CPTRSET     0xBF883108
constant DCH0CPTRINV     0xBF88310C
constant DCH0DAT         0xBF883110
constant DCH0DATCLR      0xBF883114
constant DCH0DATSET      0xBF883118
constant DCH0DATINV      0xBF88311C
constant DCH1CON         0xBF883120
constant DCH1CONCLR      0xBF883124
constant DCH1CONSET      0xBF883128
constant DCH1CONINV      0xBF88312C
constant DCH1ECON        0xBF883130
constant DCH1ECONCLR     0xBF883134
constant DCH1ECONSET     0xBF883138
constant DCH1ECONINV     0xBF88313C
constant DCH1INT         0xBF883140
constant DCH1INTCLR      0xBF883144
constant DCH1INTSET      0xBF883148
constant DCH1INTINV      0xBF88314C
constant DCH1SSA         0xBF883150
constant DCH1SSACLR      0xBF883154
constant DCH1SSASET      0xBF883158
constant DCH1SSAINV      0xBF88315C
constant DCH1DSA         0xBF883160
constant DCH1DSACLR      0xBF883164
constant DCH1DSASET      0xBF883168
constant DCH1DSAINV      0xBF88316C
constant DCH1SSIZ        0xBF883170
constant DCH1SSIZCLR     0xBF883174
constant DCH1SSIZSET     0xBF883178
constant DCH1SSIZINV     0xBF88317C
constant DCH1DSIZ        0xBF883180
constant DCH1DSIZCLR     0xBF883184
constant DCH1DSIZSET     0xBF883188
constant DCH1DSIZINV     0xBF88318C
constant DCH1SPTR        0xBF883190
constant DCH1SPTRCLR     0xBF883194
constant DCH1SPTRSET     0xBF883198
constant DCH1SPTRINV     0xBF88319C
constant DCH1DPTR        0xBF8831A0
constant DCH1DPTRCLR     0xBF8831A4
constant DCH1DPTRSET     0xBF8831A8
constant DCH1DPTRINV     0xBF8831AC
constant DCH1CSIZ        0xBF8831B0
constant DCH1CSIZCLR     0xBF8831B4
constant DCH1CSIZSET     0xBF8831B8
constant DCH1CSIZINV     0xBF8831BC
constant DCH1CPTR        0xBF8831C0
constant DCH1CPTRCLR     0xBF8831C4
constant DCH1CPTRSET     0xBF8831C8
constant DCH1CPTRINV     0xBF8831CC
constant DCH1DAT         0xBF8831D0
constant DCH1DATCLR      0xBF8831D4
constant DCH1DATSET      0xBF8831D8
constant DCH1DATINV      0xBF8831DC
constant DCH2CON         0xBF8831E0
constant DCH2CONCLR      0xBF8831E4
constant DCH2CONSET      0xBF8831E8
constant DCH2CONINV      0xBF8831EC
constant DCH2ECON        0xBF8831F0
constant DCH2ECONCLR     0xBF8831F4
constant DCH2ECONSET     0xBF8831F8
constant DCH2ECONINV     0xBF8831FC
constant DCH2INT         0xBF883200
constant DCH2INTCLR      0xBF883204
constant DCH2INTSET      0xBF883208
constant DCH2INTINV      0xBF88320C
constant DCH2SSA         0xBF883210
constant DCH2SSACLR      0xBF883214
constant DCH2SSASET      0xBF883218
constant DCH2SSAINV      0xBF88321C
constant DCH2DSA         0xBF883220
constant DCH2DSACLR      0xBF883224
constant DCH2DSASET      0xBF883228
constant DCH2DSAINV      0xBF88322C
constant DCH2SSIZ        0xBF883230
constant DCH2SSIZCLR     0xBF883234
constant DCH2SSIZSET     0xBF883238
constant DCH2SSIZINV     0xBF88323C
constant DCH2DSIZ        0xBF883240
constant DCH2DSIZCLR     0xBF883244
constant DCH2DSIZSET     0xBF883248
constant DCH2DSIZINV     0xBF88324C
constant DCH2SPTR        0xBF883250
constant DCH2SPTRCLR     0xBF883254
constant DCH2SPTRSET     0xBF883258
constant DCH2SPTRINV     0xBF88325C
constant DCH2DPTR        0xBF883260
constant DCH2DPTRCLR     0xBF883264
constant DCH2DPTRSET     0xBF883268
constant DCH2DPTRINV     0xBF88326C
constant DCH2CSIZ        0xBF883270
constant DCH2CSIZCLR     0xBF883274
constant DCH2CSIZSET     0xBF883278
constant DCH2CSIZINV     0xBF88327C
constant DCH2CPTR        0xBF883280
constant DCH2CPTRCLR     0xBF883284
constant DCH2CPTRSET     0xBF883288
constant DCH2CPTRINV     0xBF88328C
constant DCH2DAT         0xBF883290
constant DCH2DATCLR      0xBF883294
constant DCH2DATSET      0xBF883298
constant DCH2DATINV      0xBF88329C
constant DCH3CON         0xBF8832A0
constant DCH3CONCLR      0xBF8832A4
constant DCH3CONSET      0xBF8832A8
constant DCH3CONINV      0xBF8832AC
constant DCH3ECON        0xBF8832B0
constant DCH3ECONCLR     0xBF8832B4
constant DCH3ECONSET     0xBF8832B8
constant DCH3ECONINV     0xBF8832BC
constant DCH3INT         0xBF8832C0
constant DCH3INTCLR      0xBF8832C4
constant DCH3INTSET      0xBF8832C8
constant DCH3INTINV      0xBF8832CC
constant DCH3SSA         0xBF8832D0
constant DCH3SSACLR      0xBF8832D4
constant DCH3SSASET      0xBF8832D8
constant DCH3SSAINV      0xBF8832DC
constant DCH3DSA         0xBF8832E0
constant DCH3DSACLR      0xBF8832E4
constant DCH3DSASET      0xBF8832E8
constant DCH3DSAINV      0xBF8832EC
constant DCH3SSIZ        0xBF8832F0
constant DCH3SSIZCLR     0xBF8832F4
constant DCH3SSIZSET     0xBF8832F8
constant DCH3SSIZINV     0xBF8832FC
constant DCH3DSIZ        0xBF883300
constant DCH3DSIZCLR     0xBF883304
constant DCH3DSIZSET     0xBF883308
constant DCH3DSIZINV     0xBF88330C
constant DCH3SPTR        0xBF883310
constant DCH3SPTRCLR     0xBF883314
constant DCH3SPTRSET     0xBF883318
constant DCH3SPTRINV     0xBF88331C
constant DCH3DPTR        0xBF883320
constant DCH3DPTRCLR     0xBF883324
constant DCH3DPTRSET     0xBF883328
constant DCH3DPTRINV     0xBF88332C
constant DCH3CSIZ        0xBF883330
constant DCH3CSIZCLR     0xBF883334
constant DCH3CSIZSET     0xBF883338
constant DCH3CSIZINV     0xBF88333C
constant DCH3CPTR        0xBF883340
constant DCH3CPTRCLR     0xBF883344
constant DCH3CPTRSET     0xBF883348
constant DCH3CPTRINV     0xBF88334C
constant DCH3DAT         0xBF883350
constant DCH3DATCLR      0xBF883354
constant DCH3DATSET      0xBF883358
constant DCH3DATINV      0xBF88335C



// MX1 registers I2C
constant I2C1ACON        0xBF805000
constant I2C1CON         0xBF805000
constant I2C1ACONCLR     0xBF805004
constant I2C1CONCLR      0xBF805004
constant I2C1ACONSET     0xBF805008
constant I2C1CONSET      0xBF805008
constant I2C1ACONINV     0xBF80500C
constant I2C1CONINV      0xBF80500C
constant I2C1ASTAT       0xBF805010
constant I2C1STAT        0xBF805010
constant I2C1ASTATCLR    0xBF805014
constant I2C1STATCLR     0xBF805014
constant I2C1ASTATSET    0xBF805018
constant I2C1STATSET     0xBF805018
constant I2C1ASTATINV    0xBF80501C
constant I2C1STATINV     0xBF80501C
constant I2C1AADD        0xBF805020
constant I2C1ADD         0xBF805020
constant I2C1AADDCLR     0xBF805024
constant I2C1ADDCLR      0xBF805024
constant I2C1AADDSET     0xBF805028
constant I2C1ADDSET      0xBF805028
constant I2C1AADDINV     0xBF80502C
constant I2C1ADDINV      0xBF80502C
constant I2C1AMSK        0xBF805030
constant I2C1MSK         0xBF805030
constant I2C1AMSKCLR     0xBF805034
constant I2C1MSKCLR      0xBF805034
constant I2C1AMSKSET     0xBF805038
constant I2C1MSKSET      0xBF805038
constant I2C1AMSKINV     0xBF80503C
constant I2C1MSKINV      0xBF80503C
constant I2C1ABRG        0xBF805040
constant I2C1BRG         0xBF805040
constant I2C1ABRGCLR     0xBF805044
constant I2C1BRGCLR      0xBF805044
constant I2C1ABRGSET     0xBF805048
constant I2C1BRGSET      0xBF805048
constant I2C1ABRGINV     0xBF80504C
constant I2C1BRGINV      0xBF80504C
constant I2C1ATRN        0xBF805050
constant I2C1TRN         0xBF805050
constant I2C1ATRNCLR     0xBF805054
constant I2C1TRNCLR      0xBF805054
constant I2C1ATRNSET     0xBF805058
constant I2C1TRNSET      0xBF805058
constant I2C1ATRNINV     0xBF80505C
constant I2C1TRNINV      0xBF80505C
constant I2C1ARCV        0xBF805060
constant I2C1RCV         0xBF805060
constant I2C2ACON        0xBF805100
constant I2C2CON         0xBF805100
constant I2C2ACONCLR     0xBF805104
constant I2C2CONCLR      0xBF805104
constant I2C2ACONSET     0xBF805108
constant I2C2CONSET      0xBF805108
constant I2C2ACONINV     0xBF80510C
constant I2C2CONINV      0xBF80510C
constant I2C2ASTAT       0xBF805110
constant I2C2STAT        0xBF805110
constant I2C2ASTATCLR    0xBF805114
constant I2C2STATCLR     0xBF805114
constant I2C2ASTATSET    0xBF805118
constant I2C2STATSET     0xBF805118
constant I2C2ASTATINV    0xBF80511C
constant I2C2STATINV     0xBF80511C
constant I2C2AADD        0xBF805120
constant I2C2ADD         0xBF805120
constant I2C2AADDCLR     0xBF805124
constant I2C2ADDCLR      0xBF805124
constant I2C2AADDSET     0xBF805128
constant I2C2ADDSET      0xBF805128
constant I2C2AADDINV     0xBF80512C
constant I2C2ADDINV      0xBF80512C
constant I2C2AMSK        0xBF805130
constant I2C2MSK         0xBF805130
constant I2C2AMSKCLR     0xBF805134
constant I2C2MSKCLR      0xBF805134
constant I2C2AMSKSET     0xBF805138
constant I2C2MSKSET      0xBF805138
constant I2C2AMSKINV     0xBF80513C
constant I2C2MSKINV      0xBF80513C
constant I2C2ABRG        0xBF805140
constant I2C2BRG         0xBF805140
constant I2C2ABRGCLR     0xBF805144
constant I2C2BRGCLR      0xBF805144
constant I2C2ABRGSET     0xBF805148
constant I2C2BRGSET      0xBF805148
constant I2C2ABRGINV     0xBF80514C
constant I2C2BRGINV      0xBF80514C
constant I2C2ATRN        0xBF805150
constant I2C2TRN         0xBF805150
constant I2C2ATRNCLR     0xBF805154
constant I2C2TRNCLR      0xBF805154
constant I2C2ATRNSET     0xBF805158
constant I2C2TRNSET      0xBF805158
constant I2C2ATRNINV     0xBF80515C
constant I2C2TRNINV      0xBF80515C
constant I2C2ARCV        0xBF805160
constant I2C2RCV         0xBF805160

Input Capture


// MX1 Input capture registers
constant IC1CON          0xBF802000
constant IC1CONCLR       0xBF802004
constant IC1CONSET       0xBF802008
constant IC1CONINV       0xBF80200C
constant IC1BUF          0xBF802010
constant IC2CON          0xBF802200
constant IC2CONCLR       0xBF802204
constant IC2CONSET       0xBF802208
constant IC2CONINV       0xBF80220C
constant IC2BUF          0xBF802210
constant IC3CON          0xBF802400
constant IC3CONCLR       0xBF802404
constant IC3CONSET       0xBF802408
constant IC3CONINV       0xBF80240C
constant IC3BUF          0xBF802410
constant IC4CON          0xBF802600
constant IC4CONCLR       0xBF802604
constant IC4CONSET       0xBF802608
constant IC4CONINV       0xBF80260C
constant IC4BUF          0xBF802610
constant IC5CON          0xBF802800
constant IC5CONCLR       0xBF802804
constant IC5CONSET       0xBF802808
constant IC5CONINV       0xBF80280C
constant IC5BUF          0xBF802810



// MX1 registers - interrupt
constant INTCON          0xBF881000
constant INTCONCLR       0xBF881004
constant INTCONSET       0xBF881008
constant INTCONINV       0xBF88100C
constant INTSTAT         0xBF881010
constant IPTMR           0xBF881020
constant IPTMRCLR        0xBF881024
constant IPTMRSET        0xBF881028
constant IPTMRINV        0xBF88102C
constant IFS0            0xBF881030
constant IFS0CLR         0xBF881034
constant IFS0SET         0xBF881038
constant IFS0INV         0xBF88103C
constant IFS1            0xBF881040
constant IFS1CLR         0xBF881044
constant IFS1SET         0xBF881048
constant IFS1INV         0xBF88104C
constant IEC0            0xBF881060
constant IEC0CLR         0xBF881064
constant IEC0SET         0xBF881068
constant IEC0INV         0xBF88106C
constant IEC1            0xBF881070
constant IEC1CLR         0xBF881074
constant IEC1SET         0xBF881078
constant IEC1INV         0xBF88107C
constant IPC0            0xBF881090
constant IPC0CLR         0xBF881094
constant IPC0SET         0xBF881098
constant IPC0INV         0xBF88109C
constant IPC1            0xBF8810A0
constant IPC1CLR         0xBF8810A4
constant IPC1SET         0xBF8810A8
constant IPC1INV         0xBF8810AC
constant IPC2            0xBF8810B0
constant IPC2CLR         0xBF8810B4
constant IPC2SET         0xBF8810B8
constant IPC2INV         0xBF8810BC
constant IPC3            0xBF8810C0
constant IPC3CLR         0xBF8810C4
constant IPC3SET         0xBF8810C8
constant IPC3INV         0xBF8810CC
constant IPC4            0xBF8810D0
constant IPC4CLR         0xBF8810D4
constant IPC4SET         0xBF8810D8
constant IPC4INV         0xBF8810DC
constant IPC5            0xBF8810E0
constant IPC5CLR         0xBF8810E4
constant IPC5SET         0xBF8810E8
constant IPC5INV         0xBF8810EC
constant IPC6            0xBF8810F0
constant IPC6CLR         0xBF8810F4
constant IPC6SET         0xBF8810F8
constant IPC6INV         0xBF8810FC
constant IPC7            0xBF881100
constant IPC7CLR         0xBF881104
constant IPC7SET         0xBF881108
constant IPC7INV         0xBF88110C
constant IPC8            0xBF881110
constant IPC8CLR         0xBF881114
constant IPC8SET         0xBF881118
constant IPC8INV         0xBF88111C
constant IPC9            0xBF881120
constant IPC9CLR         0xBF881124
constant IPC9SET         0xBF881128
constant IPC9INV         0xBF88112C
constant IPC10           0xBF881130
constant IPC10CLR        0xBF881134
constant IPC10SET        0xBF881138
constant IPC10INV        0xBF88113C

Output Compare


// MX1 Registers, output compare
constant OC1CON          0xBF803000
constant OC1CONCLR       0xBF803004
constant OC1CONSET       0xBF803008
constant OC1CONINV       0xBF80300C
constant OC1R            0xBF803010
constant OC1RCLR         0xBF803014
constant OC1RSET         0xBF803018
constant OC1RINV         0xBF80301C
constant OC1RS           0xBF803020
constant OC1RSCLR        0xBF803024
constant OC1RSSET        0xBF803028
constant OC1RSINV        0xBF80302C
constant OC2CON          0xBF803200
constant OC2CONCLR       0xBF803204
constant OC2CONSET       0xBF803208
constant OC2CONINV       0xBF80320C
constant OC2R            0xBF803210
constant OC2RCLR         0xBF803214
constant OC2RSET         0xBF803218
constant OC2RINV         0xBF80321C
constant OC2RS           0xBF803220
constant OC2RSCLR        0xBF803224
constant OC2RSSET        0xBF803228
constant OC2RSINV        0xBF80322C
constant OC3CON          0xBF803400
constant OC3CONCLR       0xBF803404
constant OC3CONSET       0xBF803408
constant OC3CONINV       0xBF80340C
constant OC3R            0xBF803410
constant OC3RCLR         0xBF803414
constant OC3RSET         0xBF803418
constant OC3RINV         0xBF80341C
constant OC3RS           0xBF803420
constant OC3RSCLR        0xBF803424
constant OC3RSSET        0xBF803428
constant OC3RSINV        0xBF80342C
constant OC4CON          0xBF803600
constant OC4CONCLR       0xBF803604
constant OC4CONSET       0xBF803608
constant OC4CONINV       0xBF80360C
constant OC4R            0xBF803610
constant OC4RCLR         0xBF803614
constant OC4RSET         0xBF803618
constant OC4RINV         0xBF80361C
constant OC4RS           0xBF803620
constant OC4RSCLR        0xBF803624
constant OC4RSSET        0xBF803628
constant OC4RSINV        0xBF80362C
constant OC5CON          0xBF803800
constant OC5CONCLR       0xBF803804
constant OC5CONSET       0xBF803808
constant OC5CONINV       0xBF80380C
constant OC5R            0xBF803810
constant OC5RCLR         0xBF803814
constant OC5RSET         0xBF803818
constant OC5RINV         0xBF80381C
constant OC5RS           0xBF803820
constant OC5RSCLR        0xBF803824
constant OC5RSSET        0xBF803828
constant OC5RSINV        0xBF80382C

Parallel Master Port


// MX1 registers Parallel mater port
constant PMCON           0xBF807000
constant PMCONCLR        0xBF807004
constant PMCONSET        0xBF807008
constant PMCONINV        0xBF80700C
constant PMMODE          0xBF807010
constant PMMODECLR       0xBF807014
constant PMMODESET       0xBF807018
constant PMMODEINV       0xBF80701C
constant PMADDR          0xBF807020
constant PMADDRCLR       0xBF807024
constant PMADDRSET       0xBF807028
constant PMADDRINV       0xBF80702C
constant PMDOUT          0xBF807030
constant PMDOUTCLR       0xBF807034
constant PMDOUTSET       0xBF807038
constant PMDOUTINV       0xBF80703C
constant PMDIN           0xBF807040
constant PMDINCLR        0xBF807044
constant PMDINSET        0xBF807048
constant PMDININV        0xBF80704C
constant PMAEN           0xBF807050
constant PMAENCLR        0xBF807054
constant PMAENSET        0xBF807058
constant PMAENINV        0xBF80705C
constant PMSTAT          0xBF807060
constant PMSTATCLR       0xBF807064
constant PMSTATSET       0xBF807068
constant PMSTATINV       0xBF80706C



// MX1 registers Ports A and B
constant ANSELA          0xBF886000
constant ANSELACLR       0xBF886004
constant ANSELASET       0xBF886008
constant ANSELAINV       0xBF88600C
constant TRISA           0xBF886010
constant TRISACLR        0xBF886014
constant TRISASET        0xBF886018
constant TRISAINV        0xBF88601C
constant PORTA           0xBF886020
constant PORTACLR        0xBF886024
constant PORTASET        0xBF886028
constant PORTAINV        0xBF88602C
constant LATA            0xBF886030
constant LATACLR         0xBF886034
constant LATASET         0xBF886038
constant LATAINV         0xBF88603C
constant ODCA            0xBF886040
constant ODCACLR         0xBF886044
constant ODCASET         0xBF886048
constant ODCAINV         0xBF88604C
constant CNPUA           0xBF886050
constant CNPUACLR        0xBF886054
constant CNPUASET        0xBF886058
constant CNPUAINV        0xBF88605C
constant CNPDA           0xBF886060
constant CNPDACLR        0xBF886064
constant CNPDASET        0xBF886068
constant CNPDAINV        0xBF88606C
constant CNCONA          0xBF886070
constant CNCONACLR       0xBF886074
constant CNCONASET       0xBF886078
constant CNCONAINV       0xBF88607C
constant CNENA           0xBF886080
constant CNENACLR        0xBF886084
constant CNENASET        0xBF886088
constant CNENAINV        0xBF88608C
constant CNSTATA         0xBF886090
constant CNSTATACLR      0xBF886094
constant CNSTATASET      0xBF886098
constant CNSTATAINV      0xBF88609C
constant ANSELB          0xBF886100
constant ANSELBCLR       0xBF886104
constant ANSELBSET       0xBF886108
constant ANSELBINV       0xBF88610C
constant TRISB           0xBF886110
constant TRISBCLR        0xBF886114
constant TRISBSET        0xBF886118
constant TRISBINV        0xBF88611C
constant PORTB           0xBF886120
constant PORTBCLR        0xBF886124
constant PORTBSET        0xBF886128
constant PORTBINV        0xBF88612C
constant LATB            0xBF886130
constant LATBCLR         0xBF886134
constant LATBSET         0xBF886138
constant LATBINV         0xBF88613C
constant ODCB            0xBF886140
constant ODCBCLR         0xBF886144
constant ODCBSET         0xBF886148
constant ODCBINV         0xBF88614C
constant CNPUB           0xBF886150
constant CNPUBCLR        0xBF886154
constant CNPUBSET        0xBF886158
constant CNPUBINV        0xBF88615C
constant CNPDB           0xBF886160
constant CNPDBCLR        0xBF886164
constant CNPDBSET        0xBF886168
constant CNPDBINV        0xBF88616C
constant CNCONB          0xBF886170
constant CNCONBCLR       0xBF886174
constant CNCONBSET       0xBF886178
constant CNCONBINV       0xBF88617C
constant CNENB           0xBF886180
constant CNENBCLR        0xBF886184
constant CNENBSET        0xBF886188
constant CNENBINV        0xBF88618C
constant CNSTATB         0xBF886190
constant CNSTATBCLR      0xBF886194
constant CNSTATBSET      0xBF886198
constant CNSTATBINV      0xBF88619C
constant ANSELC           0xBF886200
constant ANSELCCLR        0xBF886204
constant ANSELCSET        0xBF886208
constant ANSELCINV        0xBF88620C
constant TRISC            0xBF886210
constant TRISCCLR         0xBF886214
constant TRISCSET         0xBF886218
constant TRISCINV         0xBF88621C
constant PORTC            0xBF886220
constant PORTCCLR         0xBF886224
constant PORTCSET         0xBF886228
constant PORTCINV         0xBF88622C
constant LATC             0xBF886230
constant LATCCLR          0xBF886234
constant LATCSET          0xBF886238
constant LATCINV          0xBF88623C
constant ODCC             0xBF886240
constant ODCCCLR          0xBF886244
constant ODCCSET          0xBF886248
constant ODCCINV          0xBF88624C
constant CNPUC            0xBF886250
constant CNPUCCLR         0xBF886254
constant CNPUCSET         0xBF886258
constant CNPUCINV         0xBF88625C
constant CNPDC            0xBF886260
constant CNPDCCLR         0xBF886264
constant CNPDCSET         0xBF886268
constant CNPDCINV         0xBF88626C
constant CNCONC           0xBF886270
constant CNCONCCLR        0xBF886274
constant CNCONCSET        0xBF886278
constant CNCONCINV        0xBF88627C
constant CNENC            0xBF886280
constant CNENCCLR         0xBF886284
constant CNENCSET         0xBF886288
constant CNENCINV         0xBF88628C
constant CNSTATC          0xBF886290
constant CNSTATCCLR       0xBF886294
constant CNSTATCSET       0xBF886298
constant CNSTATCINV       0xBF88629C

Peripheral Pin Select


// MX1 register Peripheral Pin Select
// Input
constant INT1R           0xBF80FA04
constant INT2R           0xBF80FA08
constant INT3R           0xBF80FA0C
constant INT4R           0xBF80FA10
constant T2CKR           0xBF80FA18
constant T3CKR           0xBF80FA1C
constant T4CKR           0xBF80FA20
constant T5CKR           0xBF80FA24
constant IC1R            0xBF80FA28
constant IC2R            0xBF80FA2C
constant IC3R            0xBF80FA30
constant IC4R            0xBF80FA34
constant IC5R            0xBF80FA38
constant OCFAR           0xBF80FA48
constant OCFBR           0xBF80FA4C
constant U1RXR           0xBF80FA50
constant U1CTSR          0xBF80FA54
constant U2RXR           0xBF80FA58
constant U2CTSR          0xBF80FA5C
constant SDI1R           0xBF80FA84
constant SS1R            0xBF80FA88
constant SDI2R           0xBF80FA90
constant SS2R            0xBF80FA94
constant REFCLKIR        0xBF80FAB8
// Output
constant RPA0R           0xBF80FB00
constant RPA1R           0xBF80FB04
constant RPA2R           0xBF80FB08
constant RPA3R           0xBF80FB0C
constant RPA4R           0xBF80FB10
constant RPA8R           0xBF80FB20
constant RPA9R           0xBF80FB24
constant RPB0R           0xBF80FB2C
constant RPB1R           0xBF80FB30
constant RPB2R           0xBF80FB34
constant RPB3R           0xBF80FB38
constant RPB4R           0xBF80FB3C
constant RPB5R           0xBF80FB40
constant RPB6R           0xBF80FB44
constant RPB7R           0xBF80FB48
constant RPB8R           0xBF80FB4C
constant RPB9R           0xBF80FB50
constant RPB10R          0xBF80FB54
constant RPB11R          0xBF80FB58
constant RPB12R          0xBF80FB5C
constant RPB13R          0xBF80FB60
constant RPB14R          0xBF80FB64
constant RPB15R          0xBF80FB68
constant RPC0R           0xBF80FB6C
constant RPC1R           0xBF80FB70
constant RPC2R           0xBF80FB74
constant RPC3R           0xBF80FB78
constant RPC4R           0xBF80FB7C
constant RPC5R           0xBF80FB80
constant RPC6R           0xBF80FB84
constant RPC7R           0xBF80FB88
constant RPC8R           0xBF80FB8C
constant RPC9R           0xBF80FB90

Real Time Clock


// MX1 RTC registers
constant RTCCON          0xBF800200
constant RTCCONCLR       0xBF800204
constant RTCCONSET       0xBF800208
constant RTCCONINV       0xBF80020C
constant RTCALRM         0xBF800210
constant RTCALRMCLR      0xBF800214
constant RTCALRMSET      0xBF800218
constant RTCALRMINV      0xBF80021C
constant RTCTIME         0xBF800220
constant RTCTIMECLR      0xBF800224
constant RTCTIMESET      0xBF800228
constant RTCTIMEINV      0xBF80022C
constant RTCDATE         0xBF800230
constant RTCDATECLR      0xBF800234
constant RTCDATESET      0xBF800238
constant RTCDATEINV      0xBF80023C
constant ALRMTIME        0xBF800240
constant ALRMTIMECLR     0xBF800244
constant ALRMTIMESET     0xBF800248
constant ALRMTIMEINV     0xBF80024C
constant ALRMDATE        0xBF800250
constant ALRMDATECLR     0xBF800254
constant ALRMDATESET     0xBF800258
constant ALRMDATEINV     0xBF80025C



// MX1 registers SPI
constant SPI1CON         0xBF805800
constant SPI1CONCLR      0xBF805804
constant SPI1CONSET      0xBF805808
constant SPI1CONINV      0xBF80580C
constant SPI1STAT        0xBF805810
constant SPI1STATCLR     0xBF805814
constant SPI1STATSET     0xBF805818
constant SPI1STATINV     0xBF80581C
constant SPI1BUF         0xBF805820
constant SPI1BRG         0xBF805830
constant SPI1BRGCLR      0xBF805834
constant SPI1BRGSET      0xBF805838
constant SPI1BRGINV      0xBF80583C
constant SPI1CON2        0xBF805840
constant SPI1CON2CLR     0xBF805844
constant SPI1CON2SET     0xBF805848
constant SPI1CON2INV     0xBF80584C
constant SPI2CON         0xBF805A00
constant SPI2CONCLR      0xBF805A04
constant SPI2CONSET      0xBF805A08
constant SPI2CONINV      0xBF805A0C
constant SPI2STAT        0xBF805A10
constant SPI2STATCLR     0xBF805A14
constant SPI2STATSET     0xBF805A18
constant SPI2STATINV     0xBF805A1C
constant SPI2BUF         0xBF805A20
constant SPI2BRG         0xBF805A30
constant SPI2BRGCLR      0xBF805A34
constant SPI2BRGSET      0xBF805A38
constant SPI2BRGINV      0xBF805A3C
constant SPI2CON2        0xBF805A40
constant SPI2CON2CLR     0xBF805A44
constant SPI2CON2SET     0xBF805A48
constant SPI2CON2INV     0xBF805A4C



// MX1 registers system
constant OSCCON          0xBF80F000
constant OSCCONCLR       0xBF80F004
constant OSCCONSET       0xBF80F008
constant OSCCONINV       0xBF80F00C
constant OSCTUN          0xBF80F010
constant OSCTUNCLR       0xBF80F014
constant OSCTUNSET       0xBF80F018
constant OSCTUNINV       0xBF80F01C
constant REFOCON         0xBF80F020
constant REFOCONCLR      0xBF80F024
constant REFOCONSET      0xBF80F028
constant REFOCONINV      0xBF80F02C
constant REFOTRIM        0xBF80F030
constant REFOTRIMCLR     0xBF80F034
constant REFOTRIMSET     0xBF80F038
constant REFOTRIMINV     0xBF80F03C
constant CFGCON          0xBF80F200
constant DDPCON          0xBF80F200
constant DEVID           0xBF80F220
constant SYSKEY          0xBF80F230
constant SYSKEYCLR       0xBF80F234
constant SYSKEYSET       0xBF80F238
constant SYSKEYINV       0xBF80F23C
constant PMD1            0xBF80F240
constant PMD1CLR         0xBF80F244
constant PMD1SET         0xBF80F248
constant PMD1INV         0xBF80F24C
constant PMD2            0xBF80F250
constant PMD2CLR         0xBF80F254
constant PMD2SET         0xBF80F258
constant PMD2INV         0xBF80F25C
constant PMD3            0xBF80F260
constant PMD3CLR         0xBF80F264
constant PMD3SET         0xBF80F268
constant PMD3INV         0xBF80F26C
constant PMD4            0xBF80F270
constant PMD4CLR         0xBF80F274
constant PMD4SET         0xBF80F278
constant PMD4INV         0xBF80F27C
constant PMD5            0xBF80F280
constant PMD5CLR         0xBF80F284
constant PMD5SET         0xBF80F288
constant PMD5INV         0xBF80F28C
constant PMD6            0xBF80F290
constant PMD6CLR         0xBF80F294
constant PMD6SET         0xBF80F298
constant PMD6INV         0xBF80F29C
constant NVMCON          0xBF80F400
constant NVMCONCLR       0xBF80F404
constant NVMCONSET       0xBF80F408
constant NVMCONINV       0xBF80F40C
constant NVMKEY          0xBF80F410
constant NVMADDR         0xBF80F420
constant NVMADDRCLR      0xBF80F424
constant NVMADDRSET      0xBF80F428
constant NVMADDRINV      0xBF80F42C
constant NVMDATA         0xBF80F430
constant NVMSRCADDR      0xBF80F440
constant RCON            0xBF80F600
constant RCONCLR         0xBF80F604
constant RCONSET         0xBF80F608
constant RCONINV         0xBF80F60C
constant RSWRST          0xBF80F610
constant RSWRSTCLR       0xBF80F614
constant RSWRSTSET       0xBF80F618
constant RSWRSTINV       0xBF80F61C
constant WDTCON          0xBF800000
constant WDTCONCLR       0xBF800004
constant WDTCONSET       0xBF800008
constant WDTCONINV       0xBF80000C

Timer Registers


// MX1 Timer registers
constant T1CON           0xBF800600
constant T1CONCLR        0xBF800604
constant T1CONSET        0xBF800608
constant T1CONINV        0xBF80060C
constant TMR1            0xBF800610
constant TMR1CLR         0xBF800614
constant TMR1SET         0xBF800618
constant TMR1INV         0xBF80061C
constant PR1             0xBF800620
constant PR1CLR          0xBF800624
constant PR1SET          0xBF800628
constant PR1INV          0xBF80062C
constant T2CON           0xBF800800
constant T2CONCLR        0xBF800804
constant T2CONSET        0xBF800808
constant T2CONINV        0xBF80080C
constant TMR2            0xBF800810
constant TMR2CLR         0xBF800814
constant TMR2SET         0xBF800818
constant TMR2INV         0xBF80081C
constant PR2             0xBF800820
constant PR2CLR          0xBF800824
constant PR2SET          0xBF800828
constant PR2INV          0xBF80082C
constant T3CON           0xBF800A00
constant T3CONCLR        0xBF800A04
constant T3CONSET        0xBF800A08
constant T3CONINV        0xBF800A0C
constant TMR3            0xBF800A10
constant TMR3CLR         0xBF800A14
constant TMR3SET         0xBF800A18
constant TMR3INV         0xBF800A1C
constant PR3             0xBF800A20
constant PR3CLR          0xBF800A24
constant PR3SET          0xBF800A28
constant PR3INV          0xBF800A2C
constant T4CON           0xBF800C00
constant T4CONCLR        0xBF800C04
constant T4CONSET        0xBF800C08
constant T4CONINV        0xBF800C0C
constant TMR4            0xBF800C10
constant TMR4CLR         0xBF800C14
constant TMR4SET         0xBF800C18
constant TMR4INV         0xBF800C1C
constant PR4             0xBF800C20
constant PR4CLR          0xBF800C24
constant PR4SET          0xBF800C28
constant PR4INV          0xBF800C2C
constant T5CON           0xBF800E00
constant T5CONCLR        0xBF800E04
constant T5CONSET        0xBF800E08
constant T5CONINV        0xBF800E0C
constant TMR5            0xBF800E10
constant TMR5CLR         0xBF800E14
constant TMR5SET         0xBF800E18
constant TMR5INV         0xBF800E1C
constant PR5             0xBF800E20
constant PR5CLR          0xBF800E24
constant PR5SET          0xBF800E28
constant PR5INV          0xBF800E2C

UART1 Registers


// MX1 Registers UART1
constant U1AMODE         0xBF806000
constant U1MODE          0xBF806000
constant U1AMODECLR      0xBF806004
constant U1MODECLR       0xBF806004
constant U1AMODESET      0xBF806008
constant U1MODESET       0xBF806008
constant U1AMODEINV      0xBF80600C
constant U1MODEINV       0xBF80600C
constant U1ASTA          0xBF806010
constant U1STA           0xBF806010
constant U1ASTACLR       0xBF806014
constant U1STACLR        0xBF806014
constant U1ASTASET       0xBF806018
constant U1STASET        0xBF806018
constant U1ASTAINV       0xBF80601C
constant U1STAINV        0xBF80601C
constant U1ATXREG        0xBF806020
constant U1TXREG         0xBF806020
constant U1ARXREG        0xBF806030
constant U1RXREG         0xBF806030
constant U1ABRG          0xBF806040
constant U1BRG           0xBF806040
constant U1ABRGCLR       0xBF806044
constant U1BRGCLR        0xBF806044
constant U1ABRGSET       0xBF806048
constant U1BRGSET        0xBF806048
constant U1ABRGINV       0xBF80604C
constant U1BRGINV        0xBF80604C

UART2 Registers


// MX1 Registers UART2
constant U2MODE          0xBF806200
constant U2MODECLR       0xBF806204
constant U2MODESET       0xBF806208
constant U2MODEINV       0xBF80620C
constant U2STA           0xBF806210
constant U2STACLR        0xBF806214
constant U2STASET        0xBF806218
constant U2STAINV        0xBF80621C
constant U2TXREG         0xBF806220
constant U2RXREG         0xBF806230
constant U2BRG           0xBF806240
constant U2BRGCLR        0xBF806244
constant U2BRGSET        0xBF806248
constant U2BRGINV        0xBF80624C