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Rookie Firmware

** AS from 10 August, (BvSerail 17) these files have been broken into smaller files and can be included into a file, this page will be updated soon ***

This firmware sits on top of ByPic. The purpose is to supply some common functions without the need for any knowledge of the PIC registers. The firmware itself can also be used as a guide for writing more efficient bespoke functions.

The firmware is now in the form of a script. Copy the green URL by selecting it and the copy using CTRL+C, in the editor (IDE) menu>Scripts>Open URL in Clip, this will load the script file into the editor, then use the scripts menu again (menu>Scripts>BvSerial>Send All Script) or easier SHIFT+CTRL+R.

BV500 MX150 & BP1 - Rookie Version 2.5 29 June 2014
This is if you have an original PIC32MX150 device running version 2.0n firmware

(MX170) BV500, BV502, BV508 & BP1 - Rookie2
Use this (rookie2) to complete the tutorials. This is backwards compatible with rookie 1 and so code written for rookie 1 will work with thei version

(MX170) BV500, BV502, BV508 & BP1 - Rookie3
http://byvac.com/mBlib/flb/Library/rookie/BP1MX170_rookie3.script (SD_zip, see text below)
This is the latest version and much smaller than rookie 1 or rookie 2. This should be used for new projects

(MX340) BV513  & BP2 - Rookie version 2.2  June 2013 (SD_zip, see text below) for pre ByPic V2.30

(MX340) BV513  & BP2 - Rookie version 3.0 ByPic V2.30+
(MX370) BV509 - Rookie 3
http://byvac.com/mBlib/flb/Library/rookie/MX370_rookie3.script (BV509 zip file)

BV514 MX3 - Rookie version 2.2  June 2013


BV523 Part 1 MX3 - Rookie version 2.2  June 2013


SD_Zip file

For boards with an SD Card, this is a very simple and automated way of loading rookie. Unzip on to the top level of an SD Card, insert into the board and reset. This can be easily modified for the other boards